Vivaah - Wedding Ceremony



  • Fasting is preferred for Bride/Groom and parents of Bride.

  • The Wedding arrangements are preferred facing East/North.

  • Quietness is required so the cell-phones should be on vibration or silent mode.

List of Items (Please contact if any of the items cannot be found)

  • Ponkhana, A bowl with Barley-Sesame seeds, Garlands (2 or 3)

  • A long, light colored clothe for Granthee-Bandhan

  • Samput (This is clay pot (Kodiya) with rice and Kumkum inside covered with another Kodiya)

  • Coconuts (3), Ganesh ji Idol 6”-8”(Metal), Bajoth, Red Clothe

  • Copper Pot (2), Whole Wheat (1/5 LB), Rice (1 LB), Sopari (12), Loose Flowers

  • Kumkum, Chandan, Water, Nadachhadi, Steel Dish, Durwa Grass, Nagarvel Leaves (8)

  • Water, Madhupark (Ghee, Honey, Yogurt and Sugar) in a very small bowl

  • 8 Envelopes with Dakshina inside (To Groom, Bride and for Hasta-Melap)

  • Antarpat (this is almost 5-7 feet long silk or cotton material clothe which is kept between a Groom and a Bride when the Bride arrives), A 2 feet long silk or cotton cloth to cover the Hasta-Melap

  • Cotton or a decorated long and thin garland

  • Kansaar or Sweets, Bowl (filled with ghee), Spoon, Match-box

  • A Packet of Camphor tablets (MDH Brand or similar)

  • Hawan Kund (A copper utensil where the holy fire is invoked), A Cotton wick soaked in Ghee

  • Sindoor, Mangal Sutra, Rings for Bride & Groom  


Wedding Sequence

  • Baraat & Ponkhana (Welcoming the Groom)

  • Ganesh Poojan (By Bride's Parents)

  • Vishnu (Groom) Poojan (By Bride's Parents)

  • Kanya Aagman (Entry of Bride) & Laxmi Poojan

  • Jay Mala (Exchange of Garlands marking the acceptance)

  • KanyaDaan, Hasta-Melap (Giving away of Bride by the father)

  • Gath-Bandhan & Var Mala

  • Ganesh Poojan and invocation of holy Fire (by Bride & Groom)

  • Mangal Fera (4 rounds around holy fire where Bride is ahead for first 3 round and Groom in the last)

  • Sapta Padi (Seven vows by both Bride & Groom to lead a life of mutual trust, love and understanding)

  • Sindur & Mangal Sutra (Sindur on bride's hair-parting and Sacred Necklace around bride's neck)

  • Kansar (First Meal), Blessings from Family

  • Blessings by the officiating Priest & Conclusion

  • Vidaaii (Farewell to the Bride)


Dakshina charges to perform the Wedding is $1001.00  and onward depending upon time, elaboration, distance to travel. (Please contact us for destination wedding charges). There will be additional charges if requested to procure some or majority of the items.

There will be a deposit of $351 to hold the date, which will be going towards the remaining balance of Dakshina.