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Shraaddh Rituals during 12/13th day

12th Day Rituals ($451)

This ritual is done only on the 12th day after someone passes away. This is where the departed soul is requested to join the Pitrulok, Pind is split into 3 and is merged with 3 generation predecessors. 


13th Day Rituals ($451)

The 13th Day rituals are done on the 12th or 13th day after the death. Various Tarpan is offered to all departed souls in the family, and 14 Pind are offered to Chaturdash (14) Anant (Naag) deities. Bhagwan Vishnu and two Vishwadeva are worshiped and various Daan (giving away some of the belongings) are offered to either someone in need or the priest.


A basic list of Items

Barley, Black Sesame seeds, Rice, (All 1 lb.), White or yellow loose flowers, a few Tulsi leaves, Darbh (Kush, Dry & long grass), Water, milk, ghee, 32 betelnuts, 17 small Pind and 1 Big Pind, Kalash (1), Aasan (seating cloth), Paper & cloth napkins, Incense sticks, matchbox, Cotton wicks (Diwa), Steel dishes, bowls, spoons, Bhakhri (or Puri) mixed with Kheer to offer to Birds (Crow, etc.), Large Bowl (14" or bigger), 1 coconut, Bajoth (2), Nadachhadi (Moli or Kalava),  (2) Janoi (Sacred thread)


  • Pind can be made from rice flour or cooked Rice. While making pind, please mix some milk, ghee, honey, sugar, sandalwood (chandan), turmeric powder, black sesame seeds, flower petals, etc.

  • After rituals are done, all pind, grains, sacred thread, and water from rituals should be offered and merged to a water body (Ocean or rivers) or should be buried in the SW corner of your home.

The Dakshina for these rituals are mentioned as above and goes to a charity for poor students for their educational needs. 

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