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Shraaddh Rituals with Varshi

10th Day Rituals ($451)

This is done on 10th/11th or on 12th day after someone passes away. This includes all 10 days Shraaddh offering to the departed soul. 10 Pind are offered. This ritual lets the Aatman progressively detach from the body since Body that was made from five basic elements was cremated and in first 10 days the Aatman was progressively made aware that the body was dissolved into fire thus Aatman was requested to go towards Pitrulok.

11th Day Rituals ($451)

This is done on 11th or on 12th day after someone passes away. Bhagwan Satyesh (Vishnu) is worshiped along with fire sacrificial rituals. Panch Dev are also worshiped. 11 + 5 Pind are offered to different forms of God.

Satyesh (God Vishnu) and Panch Dev (Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Yam and Tatpurush) are worshipped in this rituals along with Panch Dev Abhishekam with individual Suktam. Hawan is also performed twice.

12th Day Rituals ($451)

This ritual is done only on 12th day after someone passes away. This is where the departed soul is requested to join the Pitrulok, Pind is split into 3 and is merged with 3 generation predecessors. 

13th Day Rituals ($451)

The 13th Day rituals are done on 12th or 13th day after someone passes away. Various Tarpan is offered to all departed souls in the family, 14 Pind are offered to Chaturdash (14) Yam deities. God Vishnu along with Goddess is worshiped and various Dan (giving away some of the belongings) are offered to some of the family members, to a Brahman and other needy.

Varshi (Varshik Shraaddh) ($251)

This ritual is done to let the immediate or extended families initiate or start the Mangalik (Auspicious) occasions that are planned in nearest future. The tradition is that the family is supposed to mourn for at least a year and not do anything auspicious 

Basic list of Items

  • Barley, Black Sesame seeds, Rice, Mung beans, Whole wheat (All 1 lb.), clay diva (12), Krishna or Vishnu Idol

  • White or yellow loose flowers, few Tulsi leaves, Darbh (Kush, Dry & long grass), Water, milk, ghee, 8 Paan leaves

  • 36 betelnut, 46 small Pind and 1 Bigger Pind, Kalash (2), Bajoth (3), long white cloth to cover Bajoth

  • Aasan (seating cloth), Paper & cloth napkins, Camphor, Incense sticks, matchbox, Cotton wicks (Diwa)

  • Steel dishes, bowls, spoons, Bhakhri (or Puri) mixed with Kheer to offer to Birds (Crow etc.), 2 Coconuts

  • Large Bowl (14" or bigger), Wood Sticks, Hawan Samagri, Akhand Deep, Ghee for Hawan

  • Pind can be made from rice flour or wheat flour. While making flour, please mix some milk, ghee, honey, sugar, sandalwood (chandan), turmeric powder, black sesame seeds, flower petals etc.

  • After rituals are done, all pind, grains, sacred thread, water from rituals should be offered and merged to a water body (Ocean or rivers) or should be buried on SW corner of your home.

The time to perform al these rituals will be around 8 plus hours.

The Dakshina for these rituals goes to a charity for poor students for their educational needs. 

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