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Basic Instructions to perform Poojan effectively


Location : The Poojan should be done while facing East, North-East or North.


Quietness : Quietness within environment and also within is must to focus and get the best possible results . Please keep all cellphones switched off or please put them on vibration mode.


CleanlinessCleansing of mind, body and the location where you will perform the rituals is must. 


Fasting : To focus effectively at Poojan and rituals, fasting until Poojan is completed is preferred.  


ParticipationAttentiveness at what you do during rituals helps understand the purpose better.

Seating Arrangement : The Elders should be well taken care in terms of seating and space for walking. Someone should volunteer to keep an eye of young kids running around in order to avoid any small accidents. 


Food Restraints : Refrain from Tamasik or Rajasik food is must in order to focus and attain maximum benefits. In order to retain the pious environment, non-vegetarian food is not advised .
Alcohol : It is advised to stay away from alcohol or caffeine drinks to retain the positive energy.
CelibacyAny materialistic or bodily pleasures can create hurdles in Sadhna (penance), so staying away from such activities is must or highly preferred on a day prior, on and after the Poojan.
Leather : Cow is considered as mother and holy in Vedic Sanatan Dharm, Panchgavya (5 things that can be received from cow) is part of any Yagna or routine rituals so leather is prohibited. Leather wallet, belt and wrist watch with leather belt are advised to keep away during rituals.
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