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Nilodwah Shraaddh

This Shraaddh is done when somebody passes away young and with being never married. This is done at home, at temple or near holy places for Shraaddh. 

Basic list of Items

  • Chandan, Rice, Water, Panchamrut, Nadachhadi (Moli), Kalash (5), Bajoth (Chauki) (2)

  • Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv Idols, Cow (2), Steel dish (4), Bowls (6), Spoons (3),

  • Barley, Black Sesame seeds, Rice, Mung beans, Whole Wheat (All 1 lb.), White Clothe to cover Bajoth

  • Flowers, Tulsi, Paan leaves (12), Darbh (Kush, Dry & long grass)

  • (1) Pind for the size of orange (Rice flour, sesame seeds, milk, Ghee, Sugar, Flowers, Chandan etc.)

  • Water, milk, ghee, Panchamrut, 36 betelnut

  • Aasan (seating cloth), Paper & cloth napkins

  • Wood Sticks, Aahuti Material, Camphor, Incense sticks, matchbox, Cotton wicks (Diwa)

  • Steel dishes, bowls, spoons, Large Bowl (14" or bigger), 2 coconuts


After rituals are done, all that is used during ritual should be disposed off appropriately.

Dakshina (Donation) for this rituals of Nilodwah will be $751.00

The Dakshina for these rituals goes to a charity for poor students for their educational needs. 

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