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Nilodwah Shraaddh

This Shraaddh is done when somebody passes away young and when he was never married. This is done at home, at a temple, or near holy places for Shraaddh. 

A basic list of Items

  • Chandan, Rice, Water, Panchamrut, Nadachhadi (Moli), Kalash (5), Bajoth (Chauki) (2)

  • Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv Idols, Cow (2), Steel dish (4), Bowls (6), Spoons (3),

  • Barley, Black Sesame seeds, Rice, Mung beans, Whole Wheat (All 1 lb.), White Clothes to cover Bajoth

  • Flowers, Tulsi, Paan leaves (12), Darbh (Kush, Dry & long grass)

  • (1) Pind for the size of orange (Rice flour, sesame seeds, milk, Ghee, Sugar, Flowers, Chandan, etc.)

  • Water, milk, ghee, Panchamrut, 36 betelnut

  • Aasan (seating cloth), Paper & cloth napkins

  • Wood Sticks, Aahuti Material, Camphor, Incense sticks, matchbox, Cotton wicks (Diwa)

  • Steel dishes, bowls, spoons, Large Bowl (14" or bigger), 2 coconuts


After rituals are done, all that is used during the ritual should be disposed of appropriately.

Dakshina (Donation) for this ritual of Nilodwah will be $751.00

The Dakshina for these rituals goes to a charity for poor students for their educational needs. 

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