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Nakshatra Dosh Niwaran Poojan Rituals

(Mul Nakshatra, Jyeshtha Nakshatra,  and Ashlesha Nakshatra)

Nakshatra, Grah Shanti & and Dosh Niwaran are done to suppress or eliminate the Grah-Dosh effect on our lives to an extent.  It is done to please specific Nakshatra deities, Shiv and Vishnu Bhagwan, specifically Nakshatra (Constellation) Poojan and Hawan, to introduce positive energy.

Special Instructions

  • Please perform this ritual in an open space or if you do this at your home, please have good air circulation with doors and windows open.

  • Temporarily, the fire-smoke detector can be covered or the battery can be removed for some time or can be put to Off mode if the system is hard-wired and tied with the local fire/police department, please let them know well in advance or have a permit.

List of Items (Please contact if any of the items cannot be found)

  • 4 or preferably 5 Bajoth (Chauki)

  • 7 medium to big size Copper Kalash (typically given as Daan after the rituals are done)

  • Red silk or Velvet clothes to cover all Bajoth

  • 5 Steel dishes, 10 small steel bowls, 2 steel spoons

  • 48 Sopari (betelnut), 18 Paan leaves, 5 Lb. Rice, ½ Lb. whole wheat, 1/4 lb black sesame seeds

  • Kumkum-Chandan, Nadachhadi (Moli or Kalawa), 2 Janoi

  • Water, Panchamrut, Ghee-Gud or Modak, Dry-fruit Prasadam, 5 Fruits, 2 Coconuts

  • Durwa, Darbh (kush Grass), Mango leaves, and Other available herbs 

  • Akhand Deep (Diya), 6 Deep, Aarti (5 Deep), Incense sticks, Karpur, Match Box, Ghee for Diya

  • Ganesh Idol, Shiv-Vishnu-Ambika Idols, Loose Flowers, 15 Dollar bills, 20 Quarter coins

  • Paper Napkins, Cloth Napkins, a small Trash Bag, and Big Bowl to get the extra water out.

  • Wood, Aahuti Samagri, Camphor, Ghee for Hawan

  • Cow (Silver or other Metal), is given away after rituals are done.


List of items to perform Hawan rituals

  • Hawan Kund (Fire-pit)

  • Shruva (Wooden spoon to offer ghee)

  • Hawan Samagri

  • Kashth (Wood)

  • Camphor, Incense Sticks, Match Box

  • Ghee (Clarified Butter), Panchamrut, Water

  • Gugal, Dhup (Catalysts with unique fragrance)

  • Black and White sesame seeds, 1/4 lb each

  • Rice, Kumkum, Chandan, Loose flowers, Cotton thread (Moli or Kalawa or Nadachhadi)

  • Dakshina (Donation) charges for Nakshatra Shanti & Dosh Niwaran rituals are $751.00 onwards

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