Shraaddh Rituals / Rushi Panchami Shraaddh

Basic list of Items

  • Barley, Black Sesame seeds, Rice (All 1/2 lb.)

  • White or yellow loose flowers, few Tulsi leaves, Paan leaves (8), Darbh (Kush, Dry & long grass)

  • Water, milk, ghee, betelnut, 3 small Pind

  • Kalash , Bajoth (1), long white cloth to cover both Bajoth, Aasan (seating cloth), Paper & cloth napkins

  • Camphor, Incense sticks, matchbox, Cotton wicks (Diwa)

  • Steel dishes, bowls, spoons, Large Bowl (14" or bigger)

  • Bhakhri (or Puri) mixed with Kheer to offer to Birds (Crow etc.)


  • Pind can be made from rice flour or wheat flour. While making flour, please mix some milk, ghee, honey, sugar, sandalwood (chandan), turmeric powder, black sesame seeds, flower petals etc.

  • After rituals are done, all pind, grains, sacred thread, water from rituals should be offered and merged to a water body (Ocean or rivers) or should be buried on SW corner of your home.

Dakshina (Donation) for this rituals will be $351.00

The Dakshina for these rituals goes to a charity for poor students for their educational needs.