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Basic List of Items to perform any poojan 

(Please contact if any of the items cannot be found)

2 to 3 Bajoth (Decorative Wood Stool where God idols, Kalash and few other things will be placed)


Red silk or Velvet clothe (to cover 2’ x 6’ area of Bajoth)

A plastic or white clothe sheet to place on the floor for the hardwood and carpeted ritual area (Optional)


2 Copper Kalash, 2 Coconuts


2 Aasan for seating arrangement


3 Steel dish, 6 small steel bowls, 2 steel spoons, one bigger Steel Bowl to remove extra water


15 Sopari (Betel-nut), 12 Nagarvel (Paan) leaves, 1 Lb. Rice, 1 Lb. whole wheat




Nadachhadi (Moli or Kalawa, is a cotton ball of red-yellow colored threads), 2 Janoi (White sacred thread)


Water, Panchamrut (A mixture of Milk, Yogurt, Ghee, Honey, Sugar - Proportion % = 35+35+7.5+7.5+15)


Ghee-Gud for Ganesh ji, Prasadam for other God, 5 Fruits, Dry Fruit Prasad


Akhand Deep (Diya), 2 Deep, Aarti (5 Deep), Incense sticks, Karpur (Camphor), Match Box, Ghee (Clarified Butter) for Diya


Ganesh-Shiv-Surya-Ambika-Laxmi-Narayan Idols (Priest can bring if you don’t have any of these)


Loose Flowers, Tulsi leaves, Durwa grass, Banana leaves (Only if you can manage)


Clothe Napkin, Paper Napkins, Dollar bills, Quarter coins


Trash Bag for keeping waste and trash generated from rituals


For additional list of Items for Yagna, you will require Aahuti (dry mixture to offer to holy fire), Wood sticks, Ghee, Camphor, Incense sticks, a coconut to offer at the end of Yagna

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