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Laxmi Poojan



  • Fasting is preferred.  The Poojan to be done while facing East, North-East or North.

  • No leather wallet, belt or leather write watch should be worn.

  • Host should be clean (Showered) and with traditional ethnic clothes.

  • Please keep all cellphones switched off or on vibration mode.


List of Items (Please contact if any of the items cannot be found)

  • 3 Bajoth (Chauki) or a low height coffee table, 2 Copper Kalash, Red silk or Velvet clothe (3’ x 6’)

  • 5 Steel dish, 10 small steel bowls, 5 steel spoons, one bigger Steel Bowl to remove extra water

  • 36 Sopari (betelnut), 12 Nagarvel (Paan) leaves, 3 Lb. Rice, ½ Lb. whole wheat

  • Kumkum-Chandan, Nadachhadi (Moli or Kalawa), 3 Janoi

  • Water, Panchamrut, Ghee-Gud, 5 Fruits, Dry Fruit Prasad, 1 Coconut

  • Akhand Deep (Diya), 3Deep, Aarti (5 Deep), Incense sticks, Karpur, Match Box, Ghee for Diya

  • Ganesh ji & Laxmi ji Idols, new books of accounts (or Checkbooks, Laptop, Ipad etc.)

  • Loose Flowers or flower petals, 150 Tulsi leaves, Durwa grass

  • Clothe Napkin, Paper Napkins

  • 5 Dollar bills, 10 Quarter coins,



  • Beginning

  • Panchayatan Poojan

  • Ganesh Poojan

  • Punyahvaachan

  • Laxmi Poojan

  • Matruka Poojan

  • Saraswati-Chopda Poojan

  • Thal, Aarti

  • Conclusion



Dakshina charges to perform the Laxmi Poojan is $351.00

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