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Kumbh or Ark Vivaah Ceremony



  • Fasting is preferred for Bride/Groom and parents of Bride.

  • The Wedding arrangements are preferred facing East/North.

List of Items 

  • A long, light colored clothe for Granthee-Bandhan

  • Coconuts (1), Ganesh ji Idol 6”-8”(Metal), Ambika Idol, (2) Bajoth, Red Clothe

  • Copper Pot (2), Whole Wheat (1/5 LB), Rice (2 LB), Sopari (12), Loose Flowers

  • Kumkum, Chandan, Water, Nadachhadi, 3 Steel Dish, 6 Steel Bowl, 3 Steel Spoons,

  • Durwa Grass, Nagarvel Leaves (12), Water, A Box of SweetsA Box of Sweets

  • 8 Envelopes with Dakshina inside (To Groom, Bride and for Hasta-Melap)

  • Cotton or a decorated long and thin garland

  • Bowl (filled with ghee), Match-box, A Packet of Camphor tablets (MDH Brand or similar)

  • Hawan Kund (A copper utensil where the holy fire is invoked), A Cotton wick soaked in Ghee

  • Sindoor, Mangal Sutra like decorative necklace 

  • Kumbh (Clay Pot) and Vishnu Idol for Kumbh Vivaah

  • Ark (Akdo) for Ark Vivaah


Wedding Sequence

  • Preliminary Poojan

  • Ganesh Poojan 

  • Vishnu (Groom) Poojan 

  • Laxmi Poojan (Or Arki Poojan for Ark Vivaah)

  • KanyaDaan, Hasta-Melap (Giving away of Bride by the father)

  • Gath-Bandhan & Var Mala

  • Ganesh Poojan and invocation of holy Fire 

  • Mangal Fera (4 rounds around holy fire 

  • Sapta Padi 

  • Sindur & Mangal Sutra 

  • Blessings by the officiating Priest & Conclusion


Dakshina charges to perform the Kumbh or Ark Vivaah is $751.00  


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