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All Pious Fire-Sacrificial Rituals

Yagna, Hom, Hawan or simply fire-sacrificial rituals are done to please specific Dev (deities or group of deities) for specific purpose and also to purify & clean the environment around us to have the positive energy & good vibes.

Usually Hawan is done for specific occasions, e.g. Murti Pratishtha (Idol consecration), Patotsav (Temple Annual Abhishekam) for Temples or for family events like Wedding, New Home Vastu Poojan, Bhumi Poojan, Shodash (16) Samskaar rituals etc. Hawan can also be done on regular basis e.g. daily (Agnihotra Hom which are typically done at Sunrise and at Sunset), Weekly, Monthly, yearly etc. based on one's intent and willingness.

For Specific pooja related Hom or the Hom done on regular basis, one needs few basic list of items in addition what the other list of items required to perform the poojan rituals.

Special Instructions

  • Please perform this rituals in open space or if you do this at your home, please have good air circulation with doors and windows open.

  • Temporarily fire-smoke detector can be covered or the battery can be removed for sometime or can be put to Off mode or if the system is hard-wired and tied with local fire/police department, please let them know well in advance or have a permit.

  • Longer time-span Hawan rituals, please have fire extinguishers and other fire-suppression devices handy.

  • For Hardwood or carpeted floors, please use bricks or tiles as the base along with metal dishes to keep the hawan Kund so that floor is not damaged.

  • Please be aware of the surroundings and keep the kids and old age devotees away for their safety.

List of Items for Poojan (Please contact if any of the items cannot be found)

  • 2 Bajoth (Chauki), 2 Copper Kalash, Red silk or Velvet clothe (2’ x 4’) to cover Bajoth

  • 3 Steel dish, 6 small steel bowls, 2 steel spoons

  • 15 Sopari (betelnut), 8 Paan leaves, 1 Lb. Rice, ½ Lb. whole wheat

  • Kumkum-Chandan, Nadachhadi (Moli or Kalawa), 2 Janoi

  • Water, Panchamrut, Ghee-Gud or Modak, Dry-fruit Prasadam, 5 Fruits, 1 Coconuts

  • Akhand Deep (Diya), 2 Deep, Aarti (5 Deep), Incense sticks, Karpur, Match Box, Ghee for Diya

  • Ganesh Idol, Loose Flowers, few Tulsi, Durwa grass, 2 Dollar bills, 7 Quarter coins

  • Paper Napkins, Cloth Napkins, small Trash Bag, and Big Bowl to get the extra water out.


List of items to perform Hawan rituals

  • Hawan Kund (Fire-pit), Shruva (Wooden spoon to offer ghee)

  • Aahuti Dravya (Dried manure from grass-fed Cow - this is available at all Indian Grocery Stores)

  • Kashth (Wooden sticks and/or Tulsi plant dry branches)

  • Camphor, Fire Starter (For Big scale Hawan Rituals)

  • Ghee (Clarified Butter), Gugal, Dhup (Catalysts with unique fragrance)

  • Black and White sesame seeds, Payas (Rice cooked in milk)

  • Dakshina (Donation) charges for Hawan rituals for your home are $351.00. 

  • Dakshina (Donation) for Hawan rituals for a group of people at public places like temples or event centers will be $501.00 onward.

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