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Grah Shanti (Saatak) Poojan & Hawan 



  • Fasting by everyone who will sit for Poojan is preferred.

  • The Poojan will be done facing East or North or NE.

  • Quietness is required so the cell-phones should be on vibration or silent mode.

  • Leather belts, wallets or leather wrist watch must be kept away during the Poojan.


List of Items (Please contact if any of the items cannot be found)

  • 1 Bajoth (usually 16” x 16” in size), Red & White Cloth

  • Ganesh Idol, Coconut (2), Copper Kalash (2) Whole Wheat (1 LB), Rice (1 LB)

  • Steel Dish, Spoons and Bowls (3 each), Kumkum, Chandan

  • Tulsi leaves, Durwa Grass, loose Flowers, 3 Garlands, Dollar Bills (2), Coins (7)

  • Sopari (16), Nagarvel Leaves (12), Mukhwas, Nadachhadi, Janoi (sacred thread) 

  • Water, Panchamrut, Ghee-Gud or Laddu, Sweet Box

  • A Cloth for Gath-Bandhan

  • Incense Sticks, (3) Diya, cotton wicks soaked in ghee, Aarti, Match Box

  • Hawan Kund, Camphor, Wood Sticks, Hawan Samagri, Ghee



  • Prathmik Poojan

  • Ganesh-Ambika Poojan

  • Punyahavachan

  • NavGrah Poojan

  • Grah Hom

  • Balidan-Thal & Aarti


Dakshina charges to perform this rituals are $451.00

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