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Ganesh Sthapan, Mandap Muhurt & Grah Shanti


Special Instructions

  • If the rituals are done at home then the host will need to dig on the left side of the main entrance (while exiting the house), Manek Stambh Poojan will be done there.

  • In case of rituals are to be done outside in a banquet hall, please arrange a small garden-pot with Tulsi plant, Manek-Stambh rituals will be done in a Pot.

  • Varad (OR Varat) Rituals – In this rituals, the ladies go to fetch water in a Kalash, put it on their head and come home. There’s no set sequence for this rituals, it is just the tradition and if it is to be done then it should be right before GrahShanti Rituals.

  • Ukardi (OR Gotardo/Gozardo) – This is the ritual where the ladies go out of the house and bring some soil for GrahShanti rituals. People in India go to Pot-maker and bring some soil along with clay-Pots for Maya-Matla.

  • Pithi can be done before or after GrahShanti, there’s not set sequence or rule for that.



  • Fasting by everyone who will sit for Poojan is preferred.

  • The Poojan will be done facing East or North or NE.

  • Quietness is required so the cell-phones should be on vibration or silent mode.

  • Hawan is part of Grah Shanti. Either cover the Fire-Smoke Detector or temporarily remove the batteries, also please have the proper cross ventilation.

  • Leather belts, wallets or leather wrist watch must be kept away during the Poojan.


List of Items (Please contact if any of the items cannot be found)

  • 3 Bajoth (usually 16” x 16” in size), Red & White Cloth

  • Ganesh Idol, Coconut (3), Clay Pots (2)

  • Mindhal (3), Manek Stambh, Copper Kalash (2) Whole Wheat (1 LB), Rice (2 LB)

  • Steel Dish, Spoons and Bowls (3 each), Kumkum, Chandan

  • Tulsi leaves, Durwa Grass, loose Flowers, 3 Garlands, Dollar Bills (5), Coins (10)

  • Sopari (36), Nagarvel Leaves (18), Mukhwas, Nadachhadi, Janoi (sacred thread) 

  • Long scarf or Dupatta like light colored cotton/silk clothe for Gath-Bandhan.

  • Water, Panchamrut, Ghee-Gud or Laddu, Sweets or Gud-Dhana

  • Incense Sticks, (3) Diya, cotton wicks soaked in ghee, Aarti, Match Box

  • Hawan Kund, Aahuti Material, Karpoor (Camphor Tablets), Bowl filled with Ghee



  • Session 1 - Ganesh Poojan by the Bride (or the Groom) – About 25 Minutes

  • Session 2 - Ganesh Poojan & Mandap Poojan/Manek Stambh – By parents – About 90 Minutes)

  • Session 3 - Punyahvaachan, NavGrah Poojan & GrahShanti Hawan – About 60 Minutes

  • Session 4 - Pithi & Conclusion of Poojan with Aarti. - About 15 to 30 Minutes.

  • (Sometimes the Pithi is done between Session 2 and Session 3)


Dakshina charges to perform these rituals are $651.00 

There will be an additional charge of $251 if  requested to bring most of the required items (with few exceptions.)

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