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What do do after Pooja Visarjan is done

Abhishek water is very pious so it should be sprinkled inside and outside of the house.


Flowers, leaves, Durwa Grass on and around Sthapan should be placed in/around planter for bio-degradation or dispose into green waste.


Grains (Rice, Whole wheat etc.) used in Poojan and on Sthapan can be used to feed birds or dispose at proper disposal.


All Fruits and/or Coconuts used during Poojan is prasad and can be distributed among family & friends.


Sopari (betel-nuts) can be reused or can be donated to Temples nearby.


Paper napkins and/or plastic used during poojan should be placed for recycle.


Remaining items can be put for regular disposal.


The Bhasma (Gray Ash powder) generated from Yagna (Fire Sacrifice) is very pious and should be kept in very small quantity in all rooms & corners of the house and also dispersed into your front & back yard.


Clean the entire Poojan place and place all items back where they belong.

All the not-used or extra pooja items should be put back where they belong or donate them to a Temple or to the priest for rightful and proper use.


While you do all of the above, keep chanting Mantra.


Spend the rest of the day with smile on face, love in your heart and devotion in your mind.


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